InterviewLiliana Mercioiu-Popa | How much do we transform matter?

Liliana Mercioiu-Popa | How much do we transform matter?

Liliana Mercioiu-Popa is a visual artist living and working in Timisoara. She has distinguished herself in recent years by participating, in 2015 and 2019, in the Art Encounters International Biennial and in numerous national and international group exhibitions.

How much do we transform matter? starts from the idea that in human nature there is not only the need to inhabit the world, but also to transform it continuously. At the base of the consumerist society, in an alert and versatile rhythm, is the transformation of matter, something that is all the more harmful for the environment but also for one’s own health/existence, the more complex this processing is, involving a multifaceted logistic chain. How much do we transform matter? is a key question about the precarious balance between exploitation and sustainability and requires a conscious and responsible engagement on the part of everyone in relation to the world around them.

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