META Contemporary, the cultural program developed by the META Spațiu Association since 2017, has the mission of connecting contemporary artists with the public, by holding contemporary art exhibitions, residencies, art-talks, educational activities through culture, publishing catalogs and publications, and other types of related events.

The organization presents a series of relevant public exhibitions and programs, to present artists from Timișoara, from the country and abroad, as well as to promote artistic experiment, transdisciplinary collaborations between art and scientific research, contemporary art based on scientific concept and/or realized with technological support, through the production, organization and promotion of participatory, interdisciplinary and multimedia artistic and cultural activities.

About META Spatiu

META Spatiu (active since 2016) develops contemporary art projects and it laid its foundations as an artistic, curatorial and collaborative core, which supports and presents the works of Romanian and international artists, with the intention of offering an exhaustive perspective on the artistic scene in Central and Eastern Europe. Until 2022, when it moved to its own space, META Spatiu operated as an ethereal art space, “parasitizing” other spaces – museums, galleries, public spaces – with the aim of developing collaborations, in the medium and long, with other artistic entities and to actively contribute to the promotion of contemporary art and artists in various contexts. META Spatiu organized large-scale exhibitions in various spaces: museums, galleries, public space, cultural centers, in Romania, but also abroad.

META Spatiu created MV sci-art center, the first space in Romania dedicated to transdisciplinary collaborations between art and science, opened in partnership with the Politehnica University of Timisoara. The organization promotes contemporary art based on a scientific concept and/or realized with technological support, by producing and organizing cultural activities with a significant participatory, interdisciplinary and multimedia character. A fluid, subjective and multidimensional space, governed by ideas, concepts, multiple perspectives, transdisciplinary encounters, a space that cannot be gentrified, that cannot impose itself autocratically, but is constantly negotiated, recontextualized and reevaluated. A META Space of infinite possibilities, which continues a tradition – that of a city where art is based on experiment, where industrial specifics influence a special type of artistic attitude.

Our programs include collaborations with universities, museums, art galleries, independent artistic spaces from Romania and abroad, which have led to the realization of more than 100 public events since its establishment until today:

Strategic directions

Relevant exhibitions and programs

Promoting local, national and international artists

Transdisciplinarity between art and scientific research

Participatory, interdisciplinary and multimedia cultural activities

Main activities
  1. Contemporary art exhibitions
  2. Artistic residencies
  3. Interventions in public space
  4. Art talks
  5. Performances
  6. Educational projects
  7. Publications


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