InterviewCosmin Haiaș | An ellipse and infinite ellipses

Cosmin Haiaș | An ellipse and infinite ellipses

Cosmin Haiaș is an artist and automation engineer and is interested in discovering ideas by approaching and combining information technology and technological processes with those of artistic creation.

An Ellipse and Infinite Ellipses is an installation that takes inspiration from Joseph Kosuth’s conceptual work, “One Chair and Three Chairs”. The work explores the multifaceted nature of representing bodies or objects when science and art form a perfectly harmonized hybrid entity. With the continuous evolution of technology, the possibilities of representation become more and more diverse, allowing us to explore new dimensions of creativity and understanding of the world around us. The artist represented the ellipse through chips on which he nanometrically printed images, poems, definitions of the ellipse, thus presenting the possibilities of representing the world in an infinite number of perspectives.

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