ProgramExpozitieBalkan Performance Tour 2019

Balkan Performance Tour 2019

Casa Artelor Studio, Timișoara

01 feb 2019

 7.00 p.m.


Emilia Jagica, Tomin Kis Anikó, Àgnes Hamvas, Hubert Hasler, NOIMA


Denise Parisek

Lloyd Beak


Yoko Nan


Chris Winter


I just feel we’ve got to produce things like these, that you’ll never forget. These ideas just keep bursting out.


RoseLee Goldberg believes performance to be the linchpin of a visual artist’s creative process. It is still a animation of art that can not easily be bought or sold, it turns around the capitalistic art market in a way, even if time and the voracious art market have made a mockery of an utopian idea.

In that point of view Jagica & Kis are destroying their art piece at the end of the performance and Hamvas & Hasler are using thermo paper, which completely faded with time. Noima is transforming one medium to another, performance to video, which remains as a nearly unsell able art work. A statement better being payed for one performance one night than searching for collectors for month is a necessary phenomena of our time. Likewise the questioning of production of works of art.

Emilia Jagica & Tomin Kis Anikó, painter and actress, together developed a synthetic position of their various expressive possibilities and created the form of character performance. The socio-politically relevant contents represent the two artists in different ways, with the help of their special tools, their bodies.

The power of Jagica´s brushstrokes is analogou to the intense physical and mimic expressions of Tomin Kis Anikó.

Around the same time NOIMA, a group of painters, developed a performance style based on the traditions of the Temesvar school, Flondor, Bartalan and others, opened up an extension of painting in performance.

A confrontation of this quasi-simultaneously created new performance form, Painting Performance, is almost inevitable.

The idea of ​​cross-border cooperation, a living Europe, is our concern.


We are starting on 1.2.2019 at Casa Artelor/ Sala Studio in Timisoara, in cooperation with META Spatiu/ Mirela Stoeac-Vladuti. Next station will be Kultur Center Novi Sad on 4.2.2019 and 6.2.2019 Ostavinska Galerija Beograd.

The basic idea and starting point of the performances by Jagica & Kis and NOIMA are similar, but we have two opposite positions, clichéd naming a female and a male, which use the same forms of expression and yet show differences without any evaluation.

Now we have a thesis and an antithesis, a female and a male position, what we lack is the synthesis.
The program will start with the installation performance by Àgnes Hamvas and Hubert Hasler, a dialog over fax, which shows up the lack of personal communication of today as well as the shortage and change of language and communication in digital times.

As a counterpart, NOIMA presents the dLight performance, which has been constantly evolving in recent years. The artists of the group NOIMA play with the words LUMINA / LIGHT and LUMEN / WELT. Through specific focus they illuminate certain approaches of the civilized world or place them in the „LIGHT”.

As highlight Emilia Jagica & Tomin Kis Anikó display their performance „Awakening”. In this work, the two artists deal with the current situation of the people. The drudgery and perfectionism of the population is discussed as well as a way out of misery, through honest, perhaps even childlike, amazement and getting involved in this and that.

Producer: & META Spatiu


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