ProgrammeExhibitionAmalia Gaiță | Clara e confuză

Amalia Gaiță | Clara e confuză

Timișoara – Bld. Mihai Viteazu nr. 1

16 jun - 03 jul 2022

Visiting hours:
Tuesday – Saturday, 12.00 – 18.00 


Amalia Gaiță


Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduți

Scientific supervisor: 

Prof. Habil Stelian Acea

Project carried out within the framework of the doctoral research on “Solitude as artistic experience”

The photographic project Clara is confused, through the study of solitude as an artistic experience, proposes a reflection on the creative self and the relationship it has in relation to its creation and exhibition.

In this approach, Amalia Gaiță touches on topics such as empathy and the therapeutic power of art. An important role is played by the construction of an alter-ego in the form of Clara’s character. Clara can be counted as an obvious presence, a concrete figure in the series of images. At the same time, Clara can be a search for each of us, a search for the self. Is she one of the characters? Is she the viewer, or even the void? Or all at the same time? An alternation between the clear and the blurred, the material and the immaterial.

The centre of interest, the void, the subject of reflection and research, not immortalized but left to the viewer, reminds us of art’s amazing ability to render the invisible, to add meaning to the imaginary, to the point where it triggers empathy with the inexplicable, a deep connection with the unseen.

At a time when loneliness attracts an aura of negativity, blamed on poor communication at a spiritual level, through this project Amalia Gaiță treats the perception of art as a source of empathy, recognition and reencounter, thus making room for solitude as an artistic experience. Treating photography as a symbol of solitude, we discover it through the prism of two perspectives, as a compulsive manifestation of affection, but also as a healing tool in the generation of new meanings.


Evenimentul face parte din Noaptea Albă a Galeriilor Timișoara



Organizers: META Spațiu
Strategic partner: Polytechnic University of Timisoara

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