ProgramExpozitieThe stars in the sky. In vain.

The stars in the sky. In vain.

12-14 contemporary – Schleifmuhlgasse 12-14 (Wien, Austria)

10 - 24 ian 2020

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Wed-Thu 14.00 19.00
10.00 15.00


Josepha Blanchet, Silvia Moldovan, Cătălin Petrișor, Daniel Dan

The stars in the sky
In vain
The tragedy of Hamlet
In vain
The key in the lock
In vain
The sleeping mother
In vain
The lamp in the corner
In vain
The lamp in the corner unlit
In vain
Abraham Lincoln
In vain
The Aztec empire
In vain
The writing hand: in vain
The shoetrees in the shoes
In vain
The windowshade string upon the hand bible
In vain.
The glitter of the greenglass ashtray
In vain
The bear in the woods
In vain
The Life of Buddha
In vain.

Jack Kerouac, In Vain


The exhibition transposes us into a fictional light scape. A strange, yet familiar place, potentially of the future, the past or even of the actual moment. Clearly dependent on human connection, it is a result of complex forces, pre-determined by the way we perceive the no longer opposing forces of light and dark. It is the need for aestheticdetermination that guides us into the intimate universes created by the three artist linked by the same quest of a reclusive, displacive quest for the immutable luminescence.

Josepha Blanchet intertwines light and dark in a continuous flux of interior and exterior movement, body and space, fluctuations and stillness, using photography and video as a medium for a poetic transposition in which light is an aesthetic sign, sense and consensus of unity between material and physical substance.

For Silvia Moldovan, preoccupied by environmental philosophy, light and dark represent the totality of the world, its beginning and end, its end and its beginning, in a post-apocalyptical modernity in which the human, the New God of the destruction, brings to an inherent end the life as we know it.
Cătălin Petrișor, on the other hand, chooses a spiritual path and sees light as the connecting element of all universal beings, of the biblical God of all creations. His artworks become prayers, the process is one of becoming light and living an eternal life.

Sculptor’s Daniel Dan artworks are set at the intersection of his personal macrocosm and the universal one, which meet together at every sunrise and sunset, bringing with them the possibility of transforming spiritual into physicall matter (marble, in this case), by using artistic symbols which echo into a powerful connection with the ancestral.

The souls of the living dead levitate like light drops in the infinitum waters. No end, no beginning; breath is the physical body of the present being. Captured in this imagined ecosystem, the New God is doomed to a state of absolute sterility, not being able to create anything, just becoming a mere witness of the continous flow dangling around. Light and dark are in complete symbiosis.
(Mirela Stoeac-Vlăduți)


Opening: 10.01.2020, 7 pm



META Spatiu contemporary art gallery & 12-14 Contemporary

With the support of: AU Strom


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