InterviewClaudia Chiriță | The Whisper Network

Claudia Chiriță | The Whisper Network

Claudia Chiriță is a lecturer and researcher in mathematical logic and artificial intelligence at the Faculty of Mathematics and Informatics, University of Bucharest. In parallel with the university activity, she works as a multimedia artist.

The Whisper Network, in an intermediate stage, consists of a network of offerings whispered by individuals to an unknown crowd, lost in time, simulating a playful process of healing and re-approachement. The concept of the work assumes that the sighs, whispered in the holes of the work, are measured with an invented device with magnetofluidic pressure transducer and obtain a qualification by which they would be accepted in the network. By plugging the hole with a Baldessarian seal, the hole remains secret. This intimate process of filling the gaps in the work with personal offerings and the continuous transformation of the work by visitors represents the need for collaboration and rapprochement in the context of contemporary society.

Program co-financed by AFCN. The project does not necessarily represent the position of the Administration of the National Cultural Fund. AFCN is not responsible for the content of the project or how the results of the project may be used. These are entirely the responsibility of the grantee.

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